New MAP Pricing for Third-Party Internet Marketplaces

New MAP Pricing for Third-Party Internet Marketplaces

Posted by Cassandra on Aug 5th 2018

On July 15, 2018, Positive Image Gifts announced new policies which affects internet retailers who sell their products on third-party marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart. They have set published MAP pricing which means that internet retailers cannot sell their products below a set published price on third-party marketplaces. This does not affect a retailers' own website.

As an internet retailer that sells these affected products on Amazon and eBay, our prices have increased on these third-party marketplaces but remain the same on our African American website and Gifts Collectibles and More website. 

We have listed on our websites the MSRP pricing required for third-party marketplaces so that shoppers will know and can compare pricing. If you are a shopper that enjoys internet shopping and bargains, our websites are the economical place to shop. We offer the same great service provided on third-party marketplaces such as expedited handling and shipping time frames, hassle-free returns, quality products and services. 

Most shoppers use paypal payment methods when shopping on eBay and Amazon payment methods when shopping on Amazon. We offer those same payment types on our website and you have guaranteed protection of your payments just as if you were shopping on eBay or Amazon. 

We hope that you will tour our websites, compare prices and shop with us. As a minority owned, and women owned business, we need and pray for your support. As our success, helps in our efforts to build and make our communities a better and more prosperous place to rear our children.     

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